1830 East Carson Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

(412) 381-2447

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Hours: Sunday thru Thursday 6am-10pm

Friday and Saturday 6am-Midnight


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Chip Shop FAQ

What kind of oil do you fry in?

Exclusively peanut oil.

Are the Chips fried separate from the proteins?

Yes. Always. We have 2 fryers that are dedicated exclusively to the preparation and frying of our chips. All proteins are fried in separate oil and fryers.

Do you have seats?

We do! But in that we are primarily a take-out place seating is limited and first come-first served.

Can you call in take-out orders, big or small?

Yes, please, do! Whether it is for hot/cold bakery items or off the menu food items feel free to call in ahead for pick-up. We offer the full menu and a catering menu all the time. Items from the catering menu may require some advanced notice, regular menu items generally not. Orders can be phoned or emailed in.

Are you kid friendly?

Heck yeah we are! The Kids Boxes offer a variety of options for the little ones – fried fish or shrimp, fried cheese, hot dogs, chicken fingers, all with chips.

Do you cater?

We do. We have a full Catering & Event menu loaded with all kinds of things from the Chip Shop and Bakery menus. Most items are available for pick-up with a couple hours notice. Delivery can be arranged if needed. Please call for more information.

What is a Scotch Egg?

It’s the best of breakfast, portable. A Scottish traditional snack of a hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, breaded and fried. We like it with Sriracha.

Do you serve beer?


Can food/beverages be moved between The Chip Shop and Pipers?

Unfortunately, no, that is not allowed. But feel free to grab a pint at the Pub while you wait for your order to be cooked at The Shop.

Bakery FAQ

What is a Bap?

A Bap is a buttery Scottish bakery roll we make from scratch for all of our sandwiches here and at Piper’s Pub. Baps are soft, yeasty and buttery, baked fresh daily in house. It’s the perfect delivery device for a delicious sandwich.

About Our Pies.

Our pies are of the English/Scottish tradition of pressed savoury pies. We start with a handmade lard (or vegan) dough that is molded into a pan using a traditional English pie press, then loaded up with our made from scratch fillings, lidded and baked. We offer 2 different crusts, a traditional lard crust that is used for all of the meat pies and a vegan version that we used on the non-meat pies. Think portable, individually sized pot pie. All of our pies are available ready-to-eat from the case or can be ordered ahead for pick-up and reheating later.

What is a Pasty?

Short answer – a Hot Pocket worth eating, filled with real food. Pasty started off as a blue collar lunch food due to it’s portability, heartiness and convenience. A pastry pocket filled with savory ingredients, they are still pretty awesome no matter what color your collar. We offer a traditional Cornish, Salmon au Gratin and a Pierogi, all handmade in a light and flaky, yet sturdy, lard crust.

Can you reheat a Pie/Pasty?

Sure can! If that’s the plan we suggest that you let us know so we can pack you up a cold one instead of one from the case. We do not recommend reheating in a microwave, it does nothing good for the crust, but in an oven or toaster oven at 375 for 12-15 minutes they reheat beautifully.

Can you freeze a Pie/Pasty?

After some trial and error we assessed you can, though when reheated the pastry does show some wear and tear. If you are going to freeze wrap each pie/pasty individually in plastic wrap well. Store in a plastic covered bin in the freezer to prevent them picking up any aromas. They will last 4-6 weeks frozen.

To reheat – unwrap and bake in a 325 oven for 30 minutes, then increase oven to 350 and bake for another 20 minutes until the crust is crisped and the filling heated. Pasty may take slightly less time than the pie at the higher temperature. We recommend reheating from frozen, thawing then reheating seemed to be a bit more than the crusts could take consistently.

Are your vegan pies really vegan?

Yes, they are. We developed a vegan crust that mimics the lard crust that we use for all vegan and vegetarian pies. We do make the distinction between ‘vegan’ and ‘vegetarian’ because of the filling ingredients when naming the pies, if it is named ‘Vegan’ it is vegan.