Food Truck

2019 Season is underway.


The truck is available Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for both private and public bookings. Please contact us via the link below and we will be glad to assist you with scheduling your mobile Chip Shop needs!

Fish and Chips

Beer battered Haddock and chips w/ tartar $10
Chicken and Chips

Fresh fried Chicken tenderloins and chips w/ sauce $10
Scotch Egg

Sausage wrapped hard boiled egg breaded & fried w/ hot sauce $5

Thai Chili Tacos

Choice of fried Chicken or Fish with our almost famous Thai Chili sauce,

Napa cabbage and green onion in flour tortillas  2 for $8

Mac and Cheese

12oz Creamy Welsh Cheddar Mac n Cheese  $5


(yes fries) $4

Chips n Cheese

Covered w/ Welsh Cheddar Cheese sauce $5

Chips and Gravy

Covered w/ our delicious brown gravy $5


/dru-tin or in Western Canada dru-teen/

Chips covered w/ brown gravy and Welsh Cheddar Cheese sauce $6

Drink : Water / Coke / Diet  $1

Sauce: Ranch / Honey Mustard / Hot / BBQ / Cocktail / Thai Chili